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NOVEMBER 2016...

  • This was the Greatest Of All Time meal I ever had!  Todd S.
  • We love it here!!!  One of the very best places.  Robin E.
  • Good job!!  Ray D.
  • Great food and atmosphere.  We will be back.  Marc K.
  • Prompt, courteous professional service.  Wonderful food!  Everyone was very friendly and made you feel welcome.  Michelle and Mike L.
  • Good food.  Good service.  We will be back.  Gail M.
  • This was our first time here.  Laurie was our waitress – Food was Great.  Dessert was Great.  Laurie was Great!  Thanks!  Dave R.
  • Good food.  Nice staff.  Nice atmosphere.  Yummy dessert!  D.H.
  • First time to eat here:  Food was great!  Service was friendly.  Paulette M.
  • Excellent food.  Friendly staff.  *One of my favorite restaurants.  Gloria C.
  • Awesome pizza!  Bring back the Ethiopian food – vegie platter!  Eric E.
  • We eat here all the time.  We love the Groupon.
  • BEST Pizza in WNY!!!! Awesome service, friendly atmosphere, great beer…Matt S.
  • Great food.  Good services.  Good beer on tap.  Great atmosphere.  Good prices.  Frank F.
  • The baaaaaaaah is awesome, the food is super scrumptious to graze on and I would munch here any day of the week!  Andrea L.
  • First time here.  Great food and great service.  Wonderful for the whole family.  My 4 year old loves the clean bathroom!  Lauren T.
  • Love the “Yelling Goat!”  Benjamin was great.  L.
  • Good server.  Good food. Trish D.
  • Wonderful Food.  Wonderful Staff.  Great Ambience.  Visit several times a month!!  Adda F.
  • Benjamin was very entertaining.  Food was good.  Sally S.
  • Excellent food.  Everyone friendly.  First time here – we will be back.  John and Roseanne H.
  • Table #21 – Server Hunter.  Service was fantastic.  Food was FABULOUS!!  Roz R.
  • OMG…ON OUR WAITRESS (Laurie).  We love her!  Super sweet and to the food is a BOMB!  We are finished with our dinner and can’t wait to come again!  “K” Family
  • The service/waitress (Laurie) was friendly, kind and nice.  Thanks.  Very nice experience.  Sandy C.
  • Food is always consistent and great tasting.  Wait staff friendly and attentive.  Melissa and Rob F.
  • Great food and excellent service.
  • The best prime rib I have ever had.  Thanks to the Chef!  Lucy S.
  • Wonderful meal!  Great atmosphere!  We will definitely come again.  P.P.
  • Our service was wonderful and the food was good.
  • Food and service were wonderful.  Checked in on Facebook from the table to tell others to check you out.  Aaron M.
  • Laurie was a great server.  Food was superb.  Can’t wait to return.  Chris C.
  • Great food!
  • Great food and great service.  The pizzas are the best in WNY.  Maria H.
  • Insider burger was awesome.  Cuban was very good as well.  Great service!  Jack K.
  • We have been looking for a “Go To” place to eat and drink and I think we found it.  Everything was fantastic.  Allison O.
  • Food was excellent and so was the service.  Would definitely come back.  Dawn K.
  • First time here:  Will be back.  Very very good.  Joe K.
  • It was yummy.  Great menu.  Great time.  Kris Y.
  • Good burgers!  Excellent service!  Dawn W.
  • Keep doing what you are doing. Maybe add some different entrees as specials.  James S.
  • Successful upscale American faire with an entrée for everyone.  Too many selections on menu.  Less choices means more $$$$’s for you.  Dan G.
  • Great  meal as usual.  Sat at the table under the rusty wheel.  The table is uneven – needs to be fixed.  Hunter was a great server.  Keith A.
  • Great Food.  Service was excellent.  Laurie was an excellent server.  Jodie W.
  • Chorizo pizza was delicious.  G. O.
  • Mexican calzone – very good.  Steak salad w/horseradish dressing – excellent.  Service good.  Lazarus
  • Love it here.  Tried the calzone and burger today for the first time.  Love the berbere wings.  Jennifer S.
  • Ethiopian wings are excellent!  Love, love Hunter.  Wes great too!  Barbara K.
  • Duck salad with mango very delicious and Hunter was very , very pleasant waiter – very accommodating. Tina J.
  • Service was great tonight.  Food as usual “Awesome.”  E.B.
  • Waiter Hunter – wonderful.  Food – outstanding.  Barbara H.
  • A little dirty – the wall.  Salt and pepper shakers were sticky and not full.  Food excellent, service too!  Kathy D.
  • Food is Amazing.  Great Atmosphere.  (Collin is GREAT).   Will come again.  Tony & Collen
  • Great food.  Hamburgers were huge.  Pizza was very good also.  Mark M.
  • Excellent Burgers!  Steak Pizza was Fabulous.  Michelle D.

​​taken right from the horses mouth -

these are the real words from real people

who really ate at the "Goat."